Sunday, 1 April 2012

Growmax Smart

The extrusion of feed ensures full digestion of all the ingredients to the animal giving good growth and better FCR.

The composition of GROWMAX SMART is as follows:

    S. No                    Ingredient                              Percentage

    1                            Protein                                    22 % (min)
    2                            Fat                                          3 % (min)
    3                            Fiber                                       8 % (max)
    4                            Energy                                    2700 K. cal/Kg
    5                            Moisture                                 11 % (max when packed)

Feed fish using satiation feeding techniques and methods.
Feeding of fish 2-3 times a day highly recommended reducing feed wastage and best utilization. (Please refer product literature)

Observe the feeding and growth pattern & set new satiation levels periodically (every 10th day is advised).

However feed technician or aquaculture consultant advice is recommended to follow for consistent and efficient performance of the feed.

* Best before 120 days from the date of manufacture.


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